How To Land Your Emails In The Primary or Updates Tab 99% Of The Times

Email marketing is extremely important as it is one of the most stable ways to keep communicating with your leads, but if your emails land in the Spam folder or in the Promotions tab it is useless.

This straight to the point, short and easy training video will explain to you the exact steps in order to ALWAYS land your emails in the right tab.

You don’t want your emails to be landed in the Promotions tab or worse into the Spam Folder!

Imagine taking the time to write the perfect copy to get some sales, but when you send the email and instead of sales, most people do not even open the email.

In many cases this email was landed in the promotions tab while most of the people think its their subject line.

Watch the training video in YouTube below to learn how to land your emails in the right tab:


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