The crippled fox and the tiger

There was a man walking though a forest when he saw a crippled fox wandering around.

He wondered how fox manages to feed itself without being able to hunt?

And at that moment a tiger appears, carrying its prey in its mouth and after it ate its prey he left what remained to the crippled fox.
The man at that time thought that if the universe provided food
for the fox then it will help me as well.

He then took the road to the home, shut himself in the house waiting
for the universe to bring him food.

Nothing happened.

He stayed at home waiting for the universe to bring him food just like
it did for the fox, but instead the man just starved.

He was becoming too weak to go out while suddenly the universe appears.

And that’s where the man gets his answer.

But the answer wasn’t the one he was expecting.

“Why did you decided to imitate the crippled fox?” – The universe asked the man.

“You’ve been given the abilities and the gifts to go out there and contribute
to the world, follow your dreams, make a living and look after the crippled
foxes of the world.”

Because being a crippled was not a choice for the fox.

“Get out of your bed, pick up your tools and follow the way of the tiger.”

What is the meaning of this story?

That everything is up to you and your perception.

Do you want to be the tiger or the fox?

Choose before it’s too late.


Michael Porke

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