The 4 Stages That Lead To Failure

A new online marketer is going though 2 basic stages when he or she get started with the online marketing.

Then a big percentage of them move into the next 2 stages which are deadly, especially the last one which in any case you never want to be in it.

So let’s move on and see those stages.


1 – The Stage Of Curiosity

At this stage people realize that they don’t want to work to a 9-5, they want to change and that’s where
most of them discover online marketing.

They get curious and they like the idea of working from home, so they normally want to learn more about it.

That’s where they get curious and online marketing grabs their attention.

They start a research small or big and that’s when they move on to the 2nd stage.


2- The Stage Of Excitement/Hope

At this stage they already made their research and they can see the potentials that the online marketing has and how this can help them create the ultimate lifestyle.

They get excited and they have hopes and dreams about this.

This stage may last anywhere from 1 day up-to 3-6 months and at the end of this stage people are ready to join an online marketing business opportunity and make their dreams come true.


3 – The Stage Of Doubt/Fear

At this point people just joined an online marketing business opportunity and they invested an amount of money.

This is the usual stage where the downfall begins.

As soon as they join, fear takes place along with a sense of doubt.

At this stage if the mindset is not the appropriate people start to get over-whelmed
and pessimism takes over.

If you get into this stage then you need to immediately shift your mindset and relax. If you stay at this stage for an amount of time then the game is over.

Pessimism is one of the deadliest attitude diseases.


4 – The Stage Of Quit

This is the deadliest stage of all and the way back from this stage is almost un-attainable. Mindset is at the poorest levels and the feeling of failure has already taken over.

This is the stage where most people officially give up.

If you are at this stage right now then you have a slim chance to get back ONLY if you shift your mindset immediately!

You need to understand that any successful person you have seen have failed hundreds and even thousands of times until they make it where they are now.

When we accept that obstacles come to our life for a reason and not just to destroy us then this is the time when we start growing.

So before you begin planing any strategy or any action make sure you have the appropriate mindset.


Here is also a graph of the 4 Stages:


Have you even been through into any of these stages?

Comment below your experience.


Michael Porke

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