Facebook Announced Lives from Desktop Web And Some New Features

Facebook announced a couple of new features for Pages that looking to go live.The biggest one is probably the feature to be able to broadcast live from your desktop’s pc.

The whole idea behind it, is to help people produce quality lives with a professional look – instead of shaking smartphones camera choppy lives.


< Marketing Land: In addition to making it easier for Pages to produce live streams, Facebook is rolling out a few features to help Pages get people to tune in and interact with those live streams.

Pages will be able to affix comments to the bottom of a live broadcast, they way they can pin posts atop their profile pages. Pages can use the comment-pinning option to highlight comments that might color people’s perceptions of a broadcast and serve as a prompt for others to weigh in. Plus the pinned comments can partially crowd out the normal comment stream of people writing “LOL” and “Hi” and “Booooring.” >

Finally a cool feature that help brands that hire publishers or celebrities to produce their live stream. Pages can now have someone produce their Live without having to be an admin of the page.

Pages can also now syndicate the recordings of their live streams to other Pages, which is something Facebook enabled for normal videos last year. That will make it easier for times when a brand hires a publisher to produce a branded live stream on the publisher’s Page but then wants to post the recorded version to the brand’s Page as well.

Also Facebook will now provide live and non-live video analytics to non-Page Facebook accounts that have more than 5,000 followers.

People with over 5k followers will be able to see the total number of minutes people spent watching their videos, as well as the total number of views and reactions, comments and shares those videos received. Additionally they’ll be able to break out the numbers into 7-, 30- and 60-day periods.


Michael Porke

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Announced Lives from Desktop Web And Some New Features

  1. Wow, interesting feature, was trying to figure out how to do Lives from Desktop and it was so complicated, can’t wait to see this released! Now I just need to get over 5000 followers! 🙂

    1. Michaelporke

      Yes Christian definitely a very interesting and useful feature, lets wait to see! 🙂

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