Email Open Rates Hit Bottom? Here Is What You Need To Do…

Email Open Rates Hit Bottom?  Here Is What You Need To Do…

You started using email marketing, excited to make most of your sales using emails but after a couple of weeks you realize your email open rates hit rock bottom.

Is email marketing dead? Or is it your fault? And if it’s your fault how can you fix the problem?

Is email marketing dead?

Let me give you a very short answer… NO!

Email marketing is not dead.

Email marketing right now is the “king” of sales and will probably still be on top for the next 4-6 years.

At the moment 75% of my total sales come from email marketing so people who think email marketing is dead they probably using totally wrong strategies leading to zero results.


The Subject Line

Let me give you an example to understand what exactly the role of your subject line is and what you need to do to improve your email open rates.

You are at a mall and you are looking for clothes but you are in a hurry and you have only 30 minutes.

At the mall there are about 30 stores selling clothes, you have 30 minutes to find and buy the clothes so you have to choose in which of these 30 stores you will enter.

How would you choose the stores you want to explore?

By walking in front of the stores and take a quick look at the outside of each and every store.

Would you enter to a store that looks like an old garage?

Or would you enter to a great-looking modern store?

Now take this example and apply it to your emails.

Your subject line is the outside of your store (email).

If your subject line isn’t compelling, your subscribers won’t open your email, especially when the average person receives 15-40 emails per day.

And of course if your subscribers don’t open your emails, then they won’t see your links and you will eventually lose them.

So how to improve your email open rates?


The Perfect Subject Line

There is no such thing as the perfect subject line.

But there are some guidelines you want to follow in order to make your subject line as attractive as possible.

There are several types of subject lines but today I would like to focus in 2 of the best types based on my experience.


#1 – The Curious Subject Line

The 1st type of subject line and the most powerful again based in my experience is the subject line that brings up the curiosity.

Using curiosity you can’t improve immediately your email open rates but only if you use it the right way.

Before you read the rest of the article I want you to understand that email marketing is all about psychology.

Even if you are the most authoritative person but your emails suck and cannot trigger the emotional patterns of the brain then even if you might making sales, you are leaving A LOT of money on the table.

So back to the curiosity subject lines.

These times curiosity subject lines are used with the wrong method by 90% of the people who use curiosity headlines and that’s why they end up with low email open rates.

The old way:

A few years ago curiosity subject lines were consider one of the best way to get people to open emails, links are anything with a headline.

Let’s see an example:

“ A homeless man made $55,000 online within 2 weeks using THIS one simple system”

The above example is the definition of a bad subject line.

Unless you know in fact that this is true and you have the proofs.

Even if people open the email this will harm your business or your brand and will dramatically decrease your email open rates in the future.

The new way:

The new ways is really simple.

Needs a lot of practice but everything is simple.

You want to bring up the curiosity without a catchy fake-y subject line.

And you do that by choosing a part of your email body and create a curiosity subject line around that.

Let’s see an example of 2 great subject lines I have used in the past that bring up the curiosity level:

email open rates

In the above email, I wrote about the secret behind McDonalds success and why their franchises are profitable 95% of the time.

At the end I linked up the McDonald’s success with the system I was promoting.

Especially when it’s a follow-up email you don’t want to pitch in every email. Actually you do want to pitch but in a very interesting way like the example with the McDonalds but I will create a new blog post about the email body in the future.

For now let’s stick to the subject lines.

Now let’s see the 2nd example:

email open rates

This is a great example of an email that brings up the curiosity of the subscribers and makes them to unconsciously open it.

I shared an experience I had when I was on a trip to Netherlands, when I entered my apartment and there was a rotten chicken in the microwave.

And then I again managed to connect my bad experience with the product I was promoting.

You can download the email below if you would like to analyze it and see how to connect my bad experience with my product.


As you can see I chose to show you these two examples because I want you to get the overall concept about email marketing.

It’s not about promoting your product and your product’s benefits in every single email.

You want to share stories and experiences.

Your subscribers want to see that they deal with a human just like them.


#2 The Scarcity Subject Lines

Scarcity in marketing brings up our fear of missing out on something.

An event, a discount, a great offer and in most cases, a good deal.

Let’s see an example:

email open rates

In the above example Instapage is offer a deal that if you get you can save $600.

As you can see at the beginning of the subject line they state with capitalize letters that this is the last day.

This is a great example of a scarcity email.

At this point I was to state a big mistake I’ve seen lot of marketers and businesses doing.

They create a scarcity email with an offer that expires today and if you open it the next day they offer is still up and running.

It’s important that if you create a scarcity email with an offer or a deal to shut off the offer at the expiration day you first mentioned.

Now let’s see a 2nd example of an email of mine:

email open rates

As you can’t see in this email I don’t have an expiration date but I state of scarcity.

The training is today and you CAN’T miss it.

So again it has a kind of urgency because my subscribers want to make money online – that’s why they have subscribed to my newsletter.

And I have a live training that will help them. If they don’t get to the training they will miss the opportunity to learn.

If you don’t have your own products or business and you can’t set special deals and discounts this is the kind of scarcity you want to use in your emails.

No deadlines and expiration dates.

You state the urgency of doing something now.


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If you are into the health and fitness niche for example, a scarcity email would be something like:

“Summer is here… Same as the extra pounds! There is not much time left!”

I am not into the health and fitness niche but I just came up with this subject line within 2 minutes.

But can you see what I did here?

I create a subject line that includes both scarcity and both curiosity.

And by this point you will understand what I meant when I wrote at the beginning that there is no such thing as the perfect subject line.

It’s all about testing and trying different types of subject lines.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

It’s the only way to improve and evolved.

Remember hustle beats talent.


In Conclusion:

So in conclusion your email open rates can be improved if you learn the psychology behind email marketing.

Subject line is the number 1 factor to get your emails opened but you also want provide good content to your subscribers, or else if they get to “mark you” they won’t open your emails no matter what.

 I hope this article will give you an overall idea around email and marketing and using subject lines to improve your email open rates.

Comment below and share your own thoughts around this!

Michael Porke

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