Chasing a Lead To Become A Buyer

In my online marketing career, I have tried a lot of things until I finally found out what is working and what it doesn’t.

And frankly until today and for the rest of my life I will always trying to find ways to improve. That’s how a successful entrepreneur should always be going.

One of the biggest struggles I had is to convince leads to become buyers.

What do I mean?

Here is an example: You are having a discussion with a person that is interested for your offer. She/he requests for more information you provide them with the info but then you never hear from them again.

Are you familiar with this scenario?

So what’s the solution here?


Breakup Conversation/ Emails

Lots of sales and marketing leaders will tell you use the technique of break-up.

What is this technique all about?

Let’s return to our example where the leads hasn’t got back to you after you sent them the info.

When this happens what people do is send them another message or email saying something like:

“I haven’t heard back from you, I assume this isn’t a priority or you are not interested. If you don’t reply I will delete you”

This is what we call the break-up technique and I admin it I’ve used it in the past.

People may reply back and they will tell that they will take a look of it and that they are a bit busy.

And the salesperson will respond, “No problem, I’m glad to hear from you. I’ll reach out later.”

Yet when “later” comes around and the rep tries to get in touch with them again the customer, is still not interested.


The Results Of The Breakup Technique

As I said before, sure you will get people to reply back to you but at the end of the day when sales do not hit your back-office then everything is a waste of time.

Plus this approach makes you look desperate and hopeless based on my opinion.

If you are a successful entrepreneur do you need to beg a person to get a sale?

Sure if they want to do this and they just need a bit of momentum you will follow them.

But you can’t really breakup with someone who has already broke-up with you.

So what is the best solution?


The Solution

So you send information to your lead and you are now waiting for them to take action.

Time is passing by and still no word from your lead.

What do you do?

I recommend doing nothing more.

If you had a conversation explained them and provided them with the right information and after several attempts with no response, put the buyer on a list of contacts you’ll try again on a future date.

What’s going to happen is at some time later they will come back and say something like:

” Hey there I am sorry for taking me so long but I was busy. I had some changes since then so now I am ready. Can you please provide me with more details about your business/product?”

And then you have the upper hand 100%.

Chasing a prospect is risky and can put your reputation on a dangerous zone.

The prospects are unlimited, the time you will waste trying to convince a prospect to become a buyer you can really acquire a lot more.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the break-up technique? Please leave your opinion in the comments below!


Michael Porke

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    1. Michaelporke

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